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It’s a legal requirement for silver over 7.78g, gold and palladium over 1g, and platinum over 0.5g to have a UK recognised hallmark. 

The UK Hallmarking Act (1973) states that it is an offence for any person, in the course of trade or business, to describe an un-hallmarked article as being wholly or partly made of precious metal(s) or to supply un-hallmarked articles to which such a description is applied.

Dealers are required to display on their premises the statutory notice which describes the approved hallmarks. It is an offence for any dealer to fail to exhibit or keep exhibited the notice. 'Dealer' means a person engaged in the business of making, supplying, selling (including selling by auction) or exchanging articles of precious metal or in other dealings in such articles.

Lucy Bowman Jewels complies with all legal requirements regarding hallmarking; all silver pieces weighing over 7.78g are hallmarked by The Goldsmiths' Company Assay Office, London.

Notice on approved hallmarks available here.

Handmade silver jewellery sold by Lucy Bowman Jewels will not be hallmarked if below 7.78g, however if you would like your pieces to be hallmarked, do contact me at

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