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What is your birthstone? Celebrate you or a loved one with a personal ring, set with a sparkly gemstone. These rings are simple, elegant and effortlessly wearable, showing off carefully sourced stones with a flash of colour.

Each ring is handmade to order.


Originally a classically trained musician, I worked in aviation in West London for before upping sticks and following my military husband to North Wales. While a slight shock to the system, the move allowed me to revisit my creativity and retrain as a silversmith. I spend plenty of time outdoors in the mountains and on the beaches, which influence all of my work.

I became a mum in lockdown 2020 which has been an experience to say the least! When not out exploring North Wales with my daughter, I'm found in my workshop hammering/melting/sawing away or with my nose in my sketchbook, coming up with my next design.



Check back here for 2023 bookings!

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